Do you carry insurance?
We carry full coverage insurance to protect us, our equipment, you and your wedding guests on the wedding day. If a Certificate of Insurance is requested by the venue, we can provide one. Send us a quick email at

Do you have a background in Photography?
We have had and continue to have training as we believe education is key to success. You should never stop learning at whatever career you may choose in life. We started by second shooting and shadowing other photographers, We have since taken courses through Creative Live and received education through the International Academy of Wedding Photographers. Every year a portion of our income goes specifically towards education, either through workshops, books, or continued courses. There's always new lighting gear, equipment coming out so we like to stay on top of our industry. 

How do you protect against my images becoming lost?
This is a great question. We do a number of things to prevent images from being lost.

Our gear is constantly maintained to help prevent malfunctions. Often times a cards can become corrupt due to overuse and continually removing and adding into the camera body. Every year, we purchase new cards, and send in all gear for software updates, cleanings, and calibrations. All of this comes at a high cost to us but ensures that malfunctions of equipment are prevented.

The camera bodies we use allows for two cards to be in use. We always have the second card storing back ups in case a card does happen to fail.

Once your session or wedding has come to an end, all images are backed up online and on a hard drive immediately after. As soon as we arrive back, the images are immediately saved.

All of these precautions has kept every image safe for all the weddings we have photographed.

Do require a meeting or can I set one up?
Meetings are not required. If you know you are ready to book simply reach out to us with our contact form. If you still have questions, we can do a number of things. Meetings, Skype, or phone calls all work for us. Let us know what works best for you and we are always available to chat and talk to you more about your specific needs. 

How will I receive my images?
We use PASS to host your images and it's one of the easiest ways to share with friends and family. A custom gallery link is sent to you with all of your pictures, 4 weeks after your session or wedding day. On you and guests with the link have access to the images. The gallery allows to download all the photos straight to your computer. The option to buy prints is also available through your online gallery. A specialized lab is used to ensure true colors and quality of prints. There's no complicated discs or cds involved. The gallery stays live for 10 years and can be extended for $50.

Do you offer RAW images?
Due to the nature of our business, our company does not provide RAW images at anytime. All images provided are Jpegs.

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Can I have RAW images?
RAW images are huge and can be a hassle to deal with. Most clients don’t have the proper software to handle RAW images.

Due to the nature of our business we do not give out RAW images. We hand edit and go through every image to ensure consistency and to provide you with the best experience. High resolution Jpeg images are received within your wedding gallery. You are trusting your photographer to have the knowledge and expertise of crafting the images. Any retouching or re-editing of images other than our company is prohibited.

If you have questions on a certain image, we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

Can I have the Copyright to images?
There is often confusion about Copyrights and what they actually mean. The copyright is simply who created the image. We cannot give the copyright as it is not really possible to do so. You, the client, would have had to have shot the images, composed, and created them to have the copyright.

You are more than welcome to share your images online and share through social media. We do kindly ask for credits when shared. Any submissions to major magazines needs express written approval from the photographer. This is a standard with most publishers today.

We reserve the right to use all images within websites, blogs, publications, features, marketing, and/or in other forms for business purposes.

Should you need a photo print release form to freely print your images with an outside lab, reach out to us and we can provide you with one.

Are my images watermarked?
No, we don’t watermark your wedding photos or any session images. Your pictures are meant to be shared and enjoyed with you and your family. 

Will my images remain private?
Your gallery link is unique to you and will only be shared with whom you give the link out to. We reserve the right to utilize images for marketing and business purposes.
Should you have a exception such as a sensitive career or job, let us know and we can discuss it.

How many photos do we receive?
On average, we shoot 40-50 pictures per hour, depending on the detail and timelines.
A standard wedding package includes 8 hours of coverage. A portrait session can last up to 1 hour. We provide plenty of images to choose from and preparation and editing time are all included.

Can I request additional edits to my images?
All images are hand edited by our team and carefully curated to give you the best quality images. We have a consistent workflow to edit images that is included in the cost of your package. All additional retouching requests will incur costs of $25 per image, depending on the depth of the retouching requests. Extensive requests may effect your gallery delivery date.


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How much do portraits cost?
Portraits are $350 that include, 30 minute shoot, 20 high res images, hosting fee for online gallery, travel within 60 miles, editing time, and unlimited planning help.
Additional Permit fees apply for the DC area. Venues and parks charge anywhere from $150-$300 depending on your location preference.  
Destination portraits will incur hotel, air travel, and car rental costs (if applicable). 
Shoots longer than 30 minutes incur an additional $125. In-studio session fees are an additional $200. 
Make up and hair can be added for an additional $180 (travel fees may apply to the artist).

What happens if it rains during my session?
Most vineyards, venues, or monuments in DC will offer some sort of cover. Virginia typically gets the most rainfall during the months of April and May. We check the weather regularly for outdoor sessions and have a purchased app that gives the most accurate update and timing to show any breaks in the weather. We can adjust the locations or timing if needed within the hour or so. On every session (and wedding) we always have clear umbrellas on hand that happen to photograph well and help keep you dry even if outdoor portraits cannot be rescheduled.


When will I receive my wedding images?
Anticipate to receive a full wedding gallery six weeks from your wedding date. 

How do I book my wedding date?
A wedding contract and retainer fee of 50% (this comes off the total package price) is due to completely book your wedding day. All remaining balances will be due 28 days before the wedding date. After you’ve officially booked, we’ll get started on planning your engagement photos. We recommend booking 9-12 months out from your wedding date.

Are Engagement photos included in my wedding package?
Yes! Engagement pictures are ALWAYS (except elopements) included in the Wedding Experience! During the engagement session, we provide you with all the guidance you need so that on the wedding day, you both become pros and feel relaxed and comfortable.

Do you travel for destination weddings?
Yes! If your wedding is outside of the 60 miles radius, travel costs vary with hotel stay and transportation costs. We arrive 2 days early form the wedding date (to prevent delays and arrive for the wedding rehearsal practice) and depart the morning after your destination wedding. Most hotels offer a discounted cost for wedding guests that can help with added travel costs.

How long have you photographed weddings?
For five years, we have worked together as a husband and wife team photographing proposals and weddings. Having a consistent team has allowed us to nail down a work flow on every wedding and lets us work in sync. Our images are consistent and you always know who will show up on your wedding.
We include assistants during large weddings to help cover light shooting and offer help with equipment, bags, and staging.
With over dozens of weddings photographed, we’ve been in rain, snow, and even windstorms and have photographed it all.

What happens if you cannot show up on the wedding day?
We have never missed a wedding to date (knock on wood) and always take precautions to be at weddings. For destination weddings, we always arrive 2 days early to give time for weather, delays, or anything that happens unplanned.

In the event we were ever unable to show up due to something outside of our control, our contract states that we ensure a wedding photographer(s) of equal quality of work will be there on the day of your wedding. You’ll never go without coverage or be left waiting at the alter.

How do you ensure details aren't missed on the wedding day?
While we can never guarantee specific shots, we do always plan ahead of time to get to know each and every wedding. A wedding questionnaire is sent out a few months prior from your wedding date that helps get all the details we need to capture your wedding. Two photographers are always there on the day of to ensure different angles.

Instances such as guests or family members stepping in front of our lens during the Ceremony are out of our control. We often recommend letting your pastor or officiant make an announcement for guests to prevent them from getting into the aisles or having phones sticking out in the middle of the ceremony aisle. 
We are always conscious of guests and family needs during the wedding. Some guests may refuse images the day of the wedding. Let your guests know that a photographer is available for any group images you may want. 


How much are wedding photography packages?
Standard weddings begin at $3,200. This includes 8 hours coverage, a complimentary engagement session, 2 photographers, all of your images on an online gallery, 60 miles travel to the wedding and engagement session, editing time, and wedding timeline preparation.

Weddings with 10 hours coverage begin at $4,000 and includes a complimentary engagement session, 2 photographers, all of your images on an online gallery, 60 miles travel to the wedding and engagement session, editing time, and wedding timeline preparation.

Indian, Pakistani, and South Asian weddings that take place over 3 days are $9,000. Includes 2 photographers, complimentary engagement session, up to 10 hours continuous coverage each day, all of your images on an online gallery, editing time, and timeline preparation.

All destination weddings will incur a hotel, air, and rental car (if applicable) costs that will be billed closer to the wedding date. We typically take advantage of guest rates offered for nearby hotels during your wedding. We typically arrive 2 days prior to the wedding date to avoid traffic or airline delays and/or inclement weather and depart the day after the wedding.

Any cessation time between wedding coverage that lasts more than 2 hours will include a wait fee of a $250 charge per hour.

How does payment work and are payment plans available?
All wedding packages require a non-refundable retainer fee of 50% (this comes off your package price) to secure your wedding date and ensure the date is yours. The entire process is done online for easy convenience. The remaining balance is due 28 days before the wedding date. We do offer payment plan options on a case by case basis. 
All head shot and portrait payments are dull in full at the time of signing.
Any cancellations, date changes, or late payments are subject to additional fees. 

Do you offer discounts?

Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts. Just like your career or job helps to support your family, our business is our livelihood. Imagine walking into your day job and your boss asks you to work a full week but won't be paying you in full. You'll still do the same amount of work. It's uncommon for your job to give "discounted" paychecks, so naturally we don't offer discounts. We can however, work out a payment plan option.

Do you offer other types of photography?
Yes! A benefit for all of our couples, brides, and grooms, is that we offer family and maternity photos. On case by case basis we take on outside family and maternity depending on availability. Portraits, head shots, or lifestyle sessions are available on request. All newborn sessions are referred out to a specialized photographer. Inquire with us at for your session. 

Do you offer elopement photography packages?
Yes. Elopement packages are limited and begin at $2,500 that includes 5 hours of coverage (getting ready, details, portraits, ceremony, and formal images), 2 photographers, online gallery of images, timeline preparation, and travel to ceremony (60 miles). Destination elopements are available with additional travel costs.

Can I purchase Prints or Albums?
Yes. Your online gallery will allow you the ability to print select sizing for prints. Albums costs vary from $1,000-1,200. You can save $200 off select albums if you add them onto your package at the time of signing.