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December 6, 2018

Washington National Cathedral Marriage Proposal

Lincoln and Jessica met 7 years ago in NY at a party while they were both attending college. And these two could not be any cuter! After moving to the DC area, Lincoln decided it was time to propose! Jessica had no idea that was in the surprise of a lifetime!

Lincoln planned and schemed for quite sometime and got both families to be a part of this sweet surprise proposal.  His family flew all the way from Hawaii just be a part of it!
He planned to have their dog Rex, dressed in a tie stand with him as he was about to ask the question of a lifetime. The plan that he came up with was ingenious! After coming up with a “networking event” scheme taking place in the Bishop Gardens. Jessica was dolled up for the occasion! Lincoln’s friend, Jake  was even involved to help guide Jessica down to the gardens.
Both families stood off to the side waiting.

Washington National Cathedral Proposal

The location could not have been more perfect. While the Washington National Cathedral does charge a $250 fee, it was well worth the planning and costs for Lincoln. Though commonly known as the National Cathedral, it’s real name is Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the City and Diocese of Washington. This cathedral of the Episcopal church can be seen from the road as you drive up to visit. The structure is of a Neo-Gothic design, very closely modeling English Gothic Style. It has a beauty of it’s own just in the details of the stonework It is the second largest church building in the United States and also the fourth tallest structure in Washington DC. It has quite a whimsy and charm to it if you haven’t seen it in person. 

The proposal unfolding

Once Jessica saw Lincoln standing by a vase of red roses and Rex by her said, she gushed! As she walked towards Lincoln you could see the complete look of utter shock on her face! They two met as Rex happily greeted her! The images don’t even do justice at the gorgeous ring that Lincoln pulled out the most beautiful diamond ring, dropped to one knee and asked the question of a lifetime. You could hear family and friends cheering on behind the scenes.

Both families joined the happy couple with traditional Hawaiian leis as a congratulations and champagne in tow!The leis was a perfect touch to the surprise. A lei is worn for important life occasions such as births, rites of passage, religious ceremonies, weddings, victories, etc. Giving someone a lei is way of welcoming them, of showing them affection, respect, gratitude and love. The symbol of the lei wrapped up the entire moment with even more love from both families.

Jessica wore the biggest smile and with a ring that sparkled the rest of the night. The images don’t even do justice to how much the ring sparkled in real life!!!
After the proposal, Lincoln planned to whisk Jessica away with their family to celebrate this new chapter in life.

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