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January 1, 2018

A Winter Engagement Proposal at the Jefferson Memorial

It’s a new year, and for some couples, they are starting the new year engaged!!!! Like Caroline and Jonathan!
Jonathan planned out the best proposal at the best time of the year. They were able to celebrate with family over the holiday and practice making “fiance” as part of their vocabulary for 2018.

Planning the Surprise

Jonathan had reached out to us months in advance; he knew he wanted to make the proposal special for Caroline. They met in High School and ended up going to the same college, University of Florida! Go Gators!! Jonathan planned everything from several states away. What’s more, he is in training for the military, so planning schedules was a bit tricky. He even planned out when to let family and friends know. Jonathan had to wait for breaks to be able to tell them, to ask for her father’s blessing, and pick out the engagement ring!

He made it all happen without Caroline having a clue to the whole scheme! Jonathan planned a trip to Washington D.C. for a few days with Caroline, little did Caroline know, a diamond ring was part of the itinerary. She was completely taken by surprise!

The Proposal

Jonathan led her inside the Jefferson Memorial to take a few minutes before walking over to the roses mysteriously placed in between two columns of the Memorial. As they looked out across the water and gazed over the Washington Monument, Jonathan saw us waiting, inconspicuously to capture it all.

He turned to Caroline, the words flowed, and as he dropped to one knee, you could see the shock, adoration, excitement, and pure joy on her face. This all unfolded as tourists walked by in groups around the Memorial! We watched as the two embraced after she said yes, and you could feel the love the two shared.

This couple has images to remember an INCREDIBLE end to 2017 and the most amazing start to 2018.

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